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Manufactured by Eclipse Environmental and is suitable for every type of workshop.

Click here for a complete list of Eclipse part numbers

Our Delta range of compact Grease Arrestors are ideal for tight spaces and can be utilised in above and below ground installation.

A self contained treatment system which can conserve your use of townwater whilst also saving you money.

For treating runoff from unroofed, large open areas which may have surface contamination.

Eclipse Environmental Rotating Boom Arms are ideal for most sites and are manufactured to the highest of standards.

The Eclipse Environmental Epoxy Floor Painting Service provides a tough, durable, hardwearing and cost effective solution for floor coating.

Our high performance range of floor cleaning machines. Designed to work at maximum capacity to meet the demands workshops place upon them.

The Eclipse Hydroflow Oil Separator removes oil, grease and silt before discharge into sewers or other outlets.

Our range of Pressure Washers can be supplied as stand alone units or fully integrated into wash bays. 

The Nova Water Recycling system is a fully self-contained stainless steel unit that will meet all of your water recycling needs.

Cut costs and help the environment by installing an Eclipse Environmental Rainwater Tanks. 

Cut costs and help the environment by installing an Eclipse Environmental Rainwater Tank. 

Eclipse Environmental supply tailored Wash Bay Screens, Panels and Curtains to exactly fit the area to be covered.

Eclipse Environmental's Bundings are the sure fire way to protect your workshop.

The Eclipse Environmental Vacuum System has the great benefit of remote operation thus making the job much easier and safer.

Eclipse Environmental not only installs and maintains your oil separators but we can also service and pump out the sludge and oily waste.

Eclipse Environmental are experts in the design, construction and management of Commercial Car Washes.

Eclipse's range of Grease Arrestors ideal for any site, no matter how large or small.

Cut costs and maintain quality by installing Eclipse Environmental energy efficient LED Lighting.

A Solar Energy System from Eclipse Environmental is custom made to meet all the demands that will be place upon it by your workshop.

The Eclipse Environmental Energy Audit comes complete with a free review of your existing energy usage.

Eclipse Environmental Wash Bays are free standing units that solve any restrictions on the installation of permanent structures.

Eclipse Environmental supply robust high quality hoists that provide faultless performance at a great price. 

Eclipse Environmental service pits are purpose built to exactly meet the demands of your workshop. 

Specifically created to work within the service pit workshop environment. Robust, heavy lifting and built to last.

Created for ease of use in a busy working environment, Eclipse Environmental's superb, high quality reels are suitable for every type of workshop.

The Eclipse Environmental Oil Gun delivers high precision oil dispensing each and every time.

To keep a clean, crisp looking workshop, Eclipse Environmental have the products and expertise to help you ensure that your pipe works compliment their surroundings.

Eclipse Environmental Air Compressors are silent, providing you with a higher quality working environment.

Workshops place a high demand on air quality especially when it comes to exhaust fumes.

Eclipse Environmental work benches are superbly crafted and come tailored specifically for your workshop.

Keep your workshop premises at a work friendly temperature with Eclipse Environmental's high quality range of fixed or oscillating fans.